You know how to add header/footer from previous post :How to add footer - header to your PDF Today i will show you how to add header / footer to every page.

First of all make sure you are using the latest version of Easy PDF Invoice extension. If you does not have this extension you can install it from here:

Click to Insert Variable Button then click to Header / Footer then click to Header or Footer


You will get the code like this image:



Put your HTML code inside tag {{header}} {{/header}}


Do the same thing with your footer


Try to preview your PDF now. You will get the pdf like this image:


Now add some css to make it looks better.


Note: these classes page_header and page_footer will be used to handle your header/footer css. When the system process your PDF template the tag {{header}}<!--Your HTML -->{{/header}} will be processed to something like this code <div class="page_header"><!--Your HTML --></div> and it's the same with your footer.

Now let see some results from links below: